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Fees and Insurance

New Jersey Clients: We do not carry insurance in New Jersey since it is an unlicensed state.  The office visits are $250 for the initial visit, and $150 for follow-up visits.  Dr. Jaquel also provides annual plans at a discounted rate for clients that need long term disease management support.  Some services may also be reimbursable under Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts.

Connecticut Clients: In Connecticut (Bloomfield Office), Dr. Jaquel carries insurance for all Anthem plans, United Healthcare (20% discounted rate), Cigna, Connecticare, and Healthy CT.  For clients that do not have insurance coverage with these insurance carriers , the initial office visit fee is $250, and $150 for follow-up visits.  For individuals with Husky insurance, a 30% discounted rate will apply.

Consulting Service Fees:
 Please contact Dr. Jaquel at jaquel@drjaquel.com to discuss potential training opportunities.

Additional Information for All Clients:

Telehealth services (VSee and Phone) are $185 for an initial visit and $120 for follow-up visits.  Telehealth services are not covered by insurance.

Please note that Dr. Jaquel may also recommend specialty panel tests and supplements that are not covered as part of the visit fee or through insurance.

If you have financial concerns, please call the office to discuss possible financial arrangements.  Dr. Jaquel may arrange payment plans where payments can be made in two or three increments by credit card intervals of two weeks; this provides an alternative option to a lump sum payment.

Cancellation Fee:

A $50 cancellation fee is applied for appointments that are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.