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Meet Dr. Jaquel

Dr. Jaquel Patterson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (license obtained within the state of Connecticut) who completed her studies at the University of Bridgeport (UB) College of Naturopathic Medicine (a four-year, accredited, graduate level naturopathic medical school). Her comprehensive training included education in all basic sciences with a focus on clinical nutrition, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathy, counseling, and physical medicine. She completed over 1,300 clinical hours at several naturopathic private practices and UB's Clinic, which serves a diverse patient population. She also interned at Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center.

Dr. Jaquel received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Applied Economics and Management, with a focus on Food Industry Management. Her initial major of plant sciences at Cornell was due to her interest in the field of alternative medicine, but with a lack of clarity regarding its integration in the traditional medical model and knowledge about the field of naturopathic medicine, she decided to change her major. Upon graduating from Cornell and learning more about this field, she decided to pursue her true and initial passion in alternative and preventive medicine by returning to school after working for a few years within the realm of marketing and business analytics in the food industry.

Dr. Patterson has received additional training in European homeopathic medicine and has studied with Dr. Gerard Gueniot, who was a world's leading physician in biotherapeutic drainage, Dr. Dickson Thom and Dr. Ginger Nash. Her training in European homeopathic medicine provides her with a larger scope of experience and understanding in homeopathy and constitutional assessment.

Dr. Jaquel additionally has a breadth of experience in the realm of public health and disease management.  In addition to seeing clients in New Jersey, Dr. Jaquel works as a healthcare administrator within the field of community health with experience in integrated care, quality improvement, compliance and operations.  She also provides consulting services in alternative medicine including employee wellness and addiction disorders.

She currently serves her second term as a Board member for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)  and chair's the Professional Affairs Committee.  While at UB, Dr. Jaquel received a Service Leadership Award  for her exceptional leadership and contribution to the UB community. She previously served as a National Board Director (Executive Committee) for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), and on the NAACP Executive Committee as the Health Chair for Greater Bridgeport, CT. 

She has frequently been featured on local (NJ, CT, and NY) television, radio, and print and has presented at various health care entities like Beth Israel, American Heart Association, and New York Academy of Medicine as well as community based organizations. She served as Adjunct Faculty for University of Bridgeport's College of Naturopathic College from 2012-2015.  Dr. Jaquel also has her Master's of Business Administration from Quinnipiac University. She has worked with a diverse patient population ranging from professional athletes and affluent clientele to an underserved population.