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"I was referred to Dr. Jaquel by my husband who has been a patient of hers for several years. He was confident she would be able to offer me some relief which I didn't seem to be getting elsewhere. The first time I visited her, she gave me all the time I needed and really listened to all I had to say. Her recommendation's had me feeling a little better almost immediately and I can say that now months after my initial visit, follow-up visit and ongoing communication, I am now almost symptom free of some health issues that were plaguing me for many years including anxiety (the first time in 15 years and without medication) and migraines" - K.D. * Results may vary from person to person.

"Dr. Jaquel was highly recommended to me prior to me having a direct patient-doctor relationship with her. I believe it says a lot about a person when one's reputation precedes the validation of the experience. True to form, it was fulfilled. It is readily apparent to me that Dr. Jaquel combines her professional training, experience and intuitive skills in serving the individual. I certainly benefited by her wise counsel and sincere caring. Now that she has moved on professionally, I miss her, but I am certain that others are benefiting from what I already know to be true."- David S.  * Results may vary from person to person.


"Dr. Jaquel actually changed my life. I went to her after being diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 32 from the steroids that I was taking for myasthenia gravis. She gave me natural supplements, taught me about the anti-inflammatory diet and opened my eyes to natural healing. As a result of Dr. Jaquel's help, I have fully healed since then and have been drug free for almost 4 years. I have since become a certified holistic health coach and now I help women to heal through diet & other lifestyle factors. None of that would have happened if it hadn't been for Doctor Jaquel. Because everything that she was recommending was new to me, I had a lot of questions. There was one supplement that I didn't want to take and she told me that if I didn't think that it would work, it probably wouldn't. She worked to find something that would work and that I was comfortable with. She's very personable as well. I love her and would HIGHLY recommend that anyone see her. She takes a holistic approach and LISTENS to her patients!"- A.C. * Results may vary from person to person.

"I am very pleased with Dr. Jaquel's work. Her expertise helped me greatly with my condition of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I experienced positive results almost immediately after I began her regimen. Dr. Jaquel made dietary recommendations and provided nutritional and herbal supplementation which improved my symptoms. People in Connecticut are very fortunate to have Dr. Jaquel provide the comprehensive care that she does." -G.C. * Results may vary from person to person.

"Dr. Jaquel is a kind, caring, competent professional who has helped me tremendously in dealing with my Fibro/CFS issues. She is a great listener and really has the ability to make you feel heard. Dr. Jaquel treats the whole person and not just the symptoms. I would high recommend her to anyone. She has been an integral part of my progress on my journey to better health".- A.S.  * Results may vary from person to person.

"I was introduced to Dr. Jaquel by a good friend of mine who is studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor. For years I had been suffering from back injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromylagia. After seeing doctor after doctor, going in and out of the hospital, I gave up. I thought my life would never change. I gave up most medications, and tried to rough it out. I spent days, weeks, and months curled up in a ball in a dark room. I hid away from spending time with my loved ones, not just because I didn't want to see my friends and family, but because I was in too much pain. Being in my early twenties, I wanted to ENJOY my life, and couldn't. Although I had touched base with Dr. Jaquel to briefly discuss my case prior to our initial visit/consultation, I was still a bit nervous, and I was not 100% sure what to expect. She took the time to speak to me and LISTEN. She thoroughly explained different techniques, options and helped me better understand MYSELF. She took into consideration my specific needs, environment and financial situation and made a plan based off of that. It means a lot to me, because many physicians tell you what is "wrong" with you, write a prescription to deal with the symptoms (not cure the cause) and send you on your way , whether you can afford it, or not, with no explanation as to why. My natural "prescriptions" from Dr.Jaquel are natural teas that are easy and affordable, as well as homeopathy products. I was not aware of the impact these simple treatments would have on my life. Since I started the homeopathy treatment, I have woken up in the morning EVERY day for the last 2 months. I am able to work 5 days a week, be ON TIME and stay late. I've also been able to spend my Saturdays with my friends and family and participate in celebrations. I still have painful days, but having the courage and strength and support to wake up everyday and WANT to do something in my life is a feeling I haven't felt in years! I still have a long road ahead of me, but I have the utmost faith in Dr. Jaquel, and know she will be right by my side every step of the way. I honestly wish I had found her sooner!"-S. D. – New York City  * Results may vary from person to person.

By the time I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Jaquel Patterson, I was in a state of distrust and disillusion with both traditional and alternative health care practitioners. In the past, I had always been made to feel like I was beneath those who were treating me and I expected my experience with Dr. Patterson to follow suit. I was elated to find that her naturopathic approach was anything but typical. Dr. Patterson's holistic practice is above and beyond the norm. Her sense of empathy and understanding for those she treats, as well as her high level of integrity, is what is lacking in her peers. She is genuinely interested in my progress and more than willing to listen and work with the insights I have about my own care. She also possesses a rare, intuitive ability that I have not encountered before, that allows her to successfully get to the heart of my treatment. It is because of the high quality care and safe space she provides, that led me to bring my husband and 3 year old daughter in for treatment, as well. I am currently 4 ½ months pregnant now and have a multitude of health issues. Choosing Dr. Patterson to aid my care during the most vulnerable and difficult time of my life, is a testament to the level of trust she has instilled in me. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I confidently and highly recommend Dr. Jaquel Patterson to anyone who is looking for high caliber care with an equally excellent doctor"-L.C.  * Results may vary from person to person.

"Being a professional athlete, I need to ensure that I could optimize my athletic performance. Dr. Jaquel provided a suitable regimen for me pre and post workout. Her support three weeks prior to my fight where my exercise regimen increases in intensity, kept me injury free with less fatigue." –Pawel Wolak (Professional Boxer-Light Middleweight)  * Results may vary from person to person.

"If you have an auto-immune disease or an immune dysfunction syndrome, you feel drained and fatigued like I used to. If it wasn't for Dr. Jaquel treating my Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) I would not be able to function. She never gives up and keeps trying until, you are well. You've made the right decision, when you decide to go to Dr. Jaquel's Naturopathic Practice."—S.C.  
* Results may vary from person to person.

This past May I reached out to several naturopathic practices in my area. The moment I talked to her on the phone I felt at ease, because I knew I was on the right path to recovery from the anxiety blackhole I was in. I’ve seen her for the past 2 months and I am not only anxiety free, I also went back to my weight, I started exercising again and even started re-teaching yoga/pilates. Activities that I stopped because of all the side effects of the previous Doctor’s prescribed treatment. No matter if you are a believer of a more natural healing approach or not, I highly recommend trying the less trodden homeopathic path. Unfortunately, nowadays we look for immediate relief which results in unreal healing and just hide the immediate symptoms and allow the real issue to persist. In my particular case, traditional medicine never worked, I am the classic case where the traditional treatment not only does not work, but on top of that, I suffer all the secondary effects. This is the reason why I believe and use naturopathic medicine from an early age up until I moved from Hawaii to Connecticut last year when I had a terrible panic attack while driving. Because my naturopathic doctor was in Hawaii, I did not follow my instinct to find a new one in my area and schedule an appointment with a Primary Care Traditional Doctor. Sadly, I ended up taking a lot of medications that, not only affected my overall health, but the worst part, I became completely dependent to a medication that was making me feel even more anxious. Of all the naturopathic doctors I have been treated by, several in different countries as well as within the United States, Dr. Jaquel is one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy. By integrating a complete holistic spectrum Dr. Jaquel brings a personalized protocol combining supplements, herbal teas, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise. What I like the most is that she takes the time to really LISTEN. I am very grateful for being under her care. Jaquel is more than a doctor, she is a tangible beacon of true health. She helps you rebuild your health and regain who you are. Whenever I have a quick question or health concern she replies immediately and just that alone is a blessing. I have suffered from anxiety since a very young age. It is a very scary feeling that at first makes you want to run away from it. Fortunately, I have never depended on prescribed medications to cope with my anxiety before. So I knew it was the right time to search for real help. I recognize it is harder to build a healthy relationship with anxiety than just pop a pill, but it is totally worth it. and positively and successfully doable if you BREATH and put your mind to it, ONE MOMENT AT A TIME following Dr. Jaquel’s instructions and protocol conscientiously. Normally illness is a way in which your body is trying to communicate with your mind to heal itself. Do not run from anxiety, see it more as a friend than as an enemy. Anyone that suffers from anxiety owes it to themselves the opportunity to find real healing with Dr. Jaquel and embrace anxiety aloha style. Follow your healthy instinct.

Trade your fear for love. Aloha! - R. B * Results may vary from person to person.