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Ultra Lite Professional Weight Loss and Management Program

Dr. Jaquel Patterson is the only Ultra Lite weight and health management program practitioner in the United States.  The program is a naturopath designed program with over 20 years of weight loss success. It is a fat burning program using the ketogenic diet principles.  Participants in the program can lose up to 22 pounds in 5 weeks. There are multiple program types including a 3 week detox, 5 week program, and Ultra Lite maintenance program.  The program begins on a monthly cycle and requires weekly weigh-ins.  Dr. Jaquel provides the program both in-person and remotely through webinars, one-on-one telehealth consults, and weekly booster calls and connects you with a designated health coach to monitor your weekly progress.  

If interested, please contact us our office (888) 811-0112, for a free phone consult. For more information regarding the Ultra Lite program, please go to the website:  www.ultralite.com.au